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Pedal Power! Explore Memphremagog by Bike!

Personnes faisant du vélo sur la Route verte 1

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Calling all cycling enthusiasts! Brace yourself for an unforgettable cycling adventure in the breathtaking region of Memphremagog in the Eastern Townships. With three paved cycling paths and seven gravel cycling circuits, you’ll have over 350 kilometres of trails to explore, offering a diverse range of experiences for cyclists of all levels.

Cycle paths

La Montagnarde
Distance: Approximately 53 km (one-way only)
Including 34 km on a bike path

This cycling network, part of Route Verte #1 and the Trans-Canada Trail, will take you along the shores of lakes like Memphremagog and through magnificent forests, not to mention the breathtaking natural landscapes of Mont-Orford National Park. Following La Montagnarde, you will cross through the municipalities of Stukely-Sud, Eastman, Orford Township and Magog.

Where to park?

  • Pointe Merry Park, Magog
  • Magog Tourist Information Office – 2911 Milletta Road, Magog
  • Principale Street Parking Lot – 407 Principale Street, Eastman
  • City Hall Parking Lot – 160 George-Bonnallie Road, Eastman
  • Des Diligences Road Parking Lot – 3 Khartoum Road, Eastman

Sentier nature Tomifobia
Distance: 28 km (one-way only)

Winding along the Tomifobia River, this nature bike path will allow you to admire a diverse range of flora and fauna. Highly appreciated by families, this route is accessible, simple, and magical. The Tomifobia Nature Trail is located between the municipalities of Ayer’s Cliff and Stanstead.

Where to park?

  • Parking at KM 12 – La Flamme Road, Ayer’s Cliff
  • Parking at KM 16 – Stanstead Road, Stanstead
  • Behind the municipal library – 150 Tyler Road, Ayer’s Cliff
  • Principale and Woodside Street – Beebee

Véloroute des Grandes-Fourches / Axe de la Massawippi
Distance: 15 km (one-way only)

The Massawippi Axis is a section of the Grandes-Fourches Bike Path. This route is built on an old railway line, making it an accessible and enjoyable circuit for all cycling enthusiasts. This route will take you along the Massawippi River and show you magnificent landscapes. Along the way, stop at the Capelton Mine or in the village of North Hatley to discover the various attractions, cool off, have a bite to eat, or simply stretch your legs.

Where to park?

  • Halte Massawippi – 4 Massawippi Street, Sherbrooke
  • Capelton Mine – 5800 de Capelton Road, Hatley
  • At the end of Kingdom Road, North Hatley

Road Cycling Circuits

➜ Leaf through the map of cycling routes in the region

1. D’un quai à l’autre

Suggested departure: Georgeville wharf (Carré Copp, Georgeville)
Difficulty level: Experienced
Distance: 56 km loop
Elevation gain: 860 m
Paved surface: 13 km
Gravel surface: 43 km

This 55-kilometre gravel circuit is one of the most beautiful in the region. From the Georgeville wharf to Cedarville (Ogden) wharf, this figure-eight loop will challenge you with its positive elevation gains along the shores of Lake Memphremagog. Fear not, your efforts will be rewarded with breathtaking views and numerous attractions along the way.

Stretch your legs:

2. Entre deux rives

Suggested departure: Brown’s Hill parking lot (Brown’s Hill Road, Ayer’s Cliff)
Difficulty level: Experienced
Distance: 60 km loop
Elevation gain: 640 m
Paved surface: 52 km
Gravel surface: 8 km

Starting from Ayer’s Cliff, this mostly paved route follows lakes Massawippi and Magog. Passing through the village of North Hatley and its English-style buildings, the Massawippi Axis offers you breathtaking scenery along the river.

Take a break:

3. Tour des Bolton

Suggested departure: Municipal Park (15 du Parc Street, Saint-Étienne-de-Bolton)
Difficulty level: Intermediate
Distance: 31 km loop
Elevation gain: 441 m
Paved surface: 9.5 km
Gravel surface: 21 km

Embark on a captivating journey through the heart of the Inland Region, where rolling hills and verdant meadows provide a mesmerizing backdrop for this 31-kilometre cycling route. Gravel roads wind their way past centuries-old stone bridges and quaint villages, unveiling the region’s rich heritage and enigmatic charm.

Relax and unwind:

4. La route des pèlerins

Suggested departure: Potton Township Tourist Office (291 Principale Street, Mansonville)
Difficulty level: Experienced
Distance: 52 km loop
Elevation gain: 565 m
Paved surface: 52 km

Embark on an extraordinary 52-kilometre cycling adventure along a paved route that unveils the breathtaking beauty of the Eastern Townships. With Lake Memphremagog, the majestic Orford and Owl’s Head Mountains, and the serene Abbey of Saint-Benoît-du-Lac serving as your backdrop, this iconic tour of the Memphremagog MRC is brimming with local gems that will tantalize your senses and leave you savouring every moment.

Take the time to visit:

5. Magog-Orford

Suggested departure: Pointe Merry Park
Difficulty level: Intermediate
Distance: 33 km loop (possibility of a 23 km loop)
Elevation gain: 285 m
Paved surface: 31.3 km
Gravel surface: 2 km

Delve into the heart of the Eastern Townships with this highly acclaimed cycling route that stretches from the head of Lake Memphremagog to the majestic Mount Orford. Prepare for a delightful ride through rolling hills, where the vibrant colours of the region come alive through the numerous producers and artisans you’ll encounter along the way. For an unforgettable detour, venture onto rang 13 and be rewarded with one of the most breathtaking panoramas of Mount Orford.

Quench your thirst:

6. Tour du lac d’Argent

Suggested departure: Bike path parking lot (Intersection of Khartoum and des Diligences roads, Eastman)
Difficulty level: Easy
Distance: 26 km loop (possibility of a 6 km loop)
Elevation gain: 309 m
Paved surface: 5.6 km
Gravel surface: 20.2 km

Embrace a sunny day with this delightful cycling excursion that promises a memorable family outing. Embark on a scenic loop around Lac d’Argent, or extend your adventure to 9xthe shores of Lac Stukely for a refreshing dip. As you explore this side of the region, don’t miss the breathtaking vantage point offering panoramic views of Mount Orford!

Make a stop:

7. La frontalière

Suggested departure: Brown’s Hill parking lot (Brown’s Hill Road, Ayer’s Cliff)
Difficulty level: Intermediate
Distance: 87 km loop (possibility of a 50 km loop)
Elevation gain: 594 m
Paved surface: 50.9 km
Gravel surface: 36.1 km

Challenge yourself with this audacious 87-kilometre cycling route that connects Ayer’s Cliff, Quebec, with Newport, Vermont. Prepare for an unforgettable journey that showcases the beauty of the Memphremagog region on both sides of the border, passing through the stunning Tomifobia Nature Trail. Don’t forget to pack your passport!

Get some rest:

Mountain bikes and Fatbikes

Parc du Mont Hatley

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Eastern Townships, Parc du Mont Hatley beckons outdoor enthusiasts with its diverse offerings. While it may be considered a “small” mountain compared to its towering neighbours, Parc du Mont Hatley packs a big punch in terms of accessibility and the variety of activities it has to offer.

Open daily from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
4745 Capelton Road, Hatley Township (QC) J0B 2C0

Parc national du Mont-Orford

Thrill-seeking mountain bikers rejoice! Parc national du Mont-Orford is your ultimate destination for an exhilarating ride through diverse forest landscapes. Embark on an adventure through a network of singletrack trails, each offering a unique challenge and rewarding experience.

Calling all fat bike enthusiasts! Parc national du Mont-Orford boasts the most extensive fat biking network in the region, catering to riders of all skill levels. Embark on an exhilarating adventure through diverse terrains, from snow-covered trails to rugged mountain paths.

Open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
321 du Parc Road, Orford (QC) J1X 7A2

Where can I rent bikes?

La Bouffée d’Air

Embark on an unforgettable adventure and discover the captivating beauty of Potton Township with La Bouffée d’air‘s electric bike rentals. These eco-friendly bicycles provide a fun and effortless way to explore the region’s scenic routes, offering the autonomy of up to 85 kilometres per charge.

Spring Schedule:
Open weekends and holidays from May 18th to June 9th, 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Summer Schedule:
Open daily from June 15th to September 2nd, 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Fall Schedule:
Open weekends from September 7th to October 14th, 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

362 Mansonville road, Mansonville (QC) J0E 1X0
Price list

Vie de Plein air

Explore the scenic trails and picturesque landscapes of Magog and its surroundings with Vie de Plein Air‘s diverse selection of rental bikes. Whether you prefer the comfort of a hybrid bike, the power of an e-bike, the thrill of a fatbike, or the fun of a quadricycle, Vie de Plein air has the perfect ride for you.

Open on reservation Monday to Friday
Open Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

55 Cabana Street, Magog (QC) J1X 2C4
Price list

Look out for these logos

Logo de la certification Bienvenue cyclistes!

Easily identify cyclist-friendly accommodations and campsites with our “Bienvenue cyclistes!” certification. This certification ensures that these establishments cater to the specific needs of cyclists, providing the services and amenities you need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

More details here

‘’Bienvenue cyclistes“ accommodations in Memphremagog: 

When you’re exploring the beautiful region by bike, look for the “Fièrement vélo!” certification to identify businesses that are committed to supporting cyclists. These establishments go the extra mile to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable ride.

More details here

‘’Fièrement vélo“ shops in Memphremagog:

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