The Memphremagog destination is located in the Eastern Townships, more specifically on the western edge of the Eastern Townships administrative region. The territory runs along the American border for 35 kilometers and covers the territory of seventeen municipalities grouped into four regions: Magog-Orford, the Border region, the Massawippi valley and finally, the Missisquoi valley.

Discover a region where people suspend time and know how to live at a different pace.

The four regions are distinguished by its concentration of breathtaking mountains and lakes. Everywhere, we see nothing but beauty. Nature is not everything. People are the heart of Memphremagog. Gastronomy, arts and crafts, culture and history… Everything is there to give you an unforgettable experience.

Plaisirs gourmands

Gourmet pleasures

Activités récréatives

Recreational activities


Health and relaxation



Two impressive mountain axis

montagnes ensolleilé
  • The main mountain axis, crossing from north to south, is part of the Appalachian Mountains. It marks the landscape of the western portion of the territory by the height and number of peaks found there: Orford, Owl’s Head, Foster, Chagnon and others.
  • The second mountain axis, commonly known as the Bunker axis, crosses the territory and at the same time delineates two watersheds of the territory, namely Lake Memphremagog and Lake Massawippi.

Four regions that share the same beauty

The region of Magog-Orford

Magog-Orford is one of the most important tourist regions in the Eastern Townships. You will enjoy the view of Lake Memphremagog stretching over 40 km and the mountains forming Mount Orford and Mount Owl’s Head.

The valley of Massawippi

The Massawippi Valley is an area bordered by Lake Massawippi. Inspired by the beauty of the place, rich American families built magnificent villas in the 19th century. Today, some of these villas have been transformed into Inns that make you want to rest and relax.

The Border Region

The Border region is located on the border between Quebec and Vermont. You will discover a built heritage with characteristics stemming from American colonization. Today, downtown Stanstead is revitalized with respect to the architecture of yesteryear.

The Missisquoi Valley

The Missisquoi Valley is a haven of tranquility. Near the small village of Austin, you will find the Abbey of Saint-Benoît-du-Lac, a place that inspires resourcing. Further south, you will notice Owl’s Head Mountain, overlooking Lake Memphremagog.

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17 distinct municipalities to discover

The strength of the Memphremagog region is to rely on 17 municipalities that are as vibrant, rich and original as the next. Each one brings its own magic to the whole. You will need to come back often to discover them all!

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