D’un quai à l’autre

This 55-kilometre gravel circuit is one of the finest in the region. From the Georgeville wharf to the Cedarville (Ogden) wharf, this figure-eight loop will challenge you with its positive elevation changes on the shores of Lake Memphremagog. But don’t worry, your efforts will be rewarded by the many attractions along the way. (Ride with GPS)

Entre deux rives

Departing from Ayer’s Cliff, this largely asphalted route skirts lakes Massawippi and Magog. Passing through the village of North Hatley and its English-style buildings, the Axe de la Massawippi (a section of the Véloroute des Grandes-Fourches) offers breathtaking scenery along the river. (Ride with GPS)

Tour des Bolton

In the heart of bucolic landscapes, discover the region from the inside. On gravel roads ideal for cycling, this 31-kilometre itinerary reveals the region’s enigmatic charm, with its natural and built heritage. (Ride with GPS)

La route des pèlerins

Here’s a 52-kilometre asphalt scenic route that’s a rarity in the Eastern Townships! With Lake Memphremagog, Mounts Orford and Owl’s Head and the Abbey of Saint-Benoît-du-Lac as backdrops, this emblematic tour of the Memphremagog MRC is packed with local gems that will make you want to savour every moment. (Ride with GPS)


This is one of the region’s most popular cycling tours. From the head of Lake Memphremagog to Mount Orford, this hilly route showcases the colours of the region, with its many producers and artisans along the way. If you feel like it, take a detour along rang 13 for one of the most beautiful views of the mountain. (Ride with GPS)

Tour du lac d’Argent

On a sunny day, this is a great family outing. Take a full tour of d’Argent Lake, or extend the pleasure to the beach at Stukely Lake for a dip. On this side of the territory, you’ll be amazed by the privileged view of Mount Orford. (Ride with GPS)

La frontalière

Pedal your way along a daring 85-kilometre route between Ayer’s Cliff and Newport, Vermont. Passing through the Tomifobia Nature Trail, a stunning natural setting, this promising tour takes you across the border from Memphremagog. Make sure you have your passport in your pocket! (Ride with GPS)

Cycle paths to discover:

La Montagnarde – 53 km (one way only)
Tomifobia nature trail – 28 km (one-way only)
Véloroute des Grandes-Fources: Massawippi Axis – 15 km (one-way only)

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