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Le Wippi - Ayer's Cliff

Le Wippi

Départures from North Hatley and Ayer's Cliff wharves

Address: Lac Massawippi, Québec, Canada

819 679-2395 Website

“Le Wippi” shuttle sails the waters of Lake Massawippi for the entire summer, 4 days per week, 6 trips per day. Each trip lasts approximately one hour. With a capacity of 12 people, with our without their bikes, The Wippi sails between the villages of Ayer’s Cliff (Route 141, facing the rest area) and North Hatley (Main Street, facing School Street) connecting the municipal wharves. The Wippi is equipped with supports to keep the bikes in place during the ride. This is a great way to connect  Les Grandes-Fourches bike trail (via the Axe du sommet or the Axe de la Massawippi) to that of the Tomifobia Nature Trail. Reservation required ($).

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