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Le Refuge – café de montagne

Savonnerie des Diligences

Address: 1249 Route 112, Austin, QC, Canada

579 437-8999 Website
Terrasse extérieure

Outdoor terrace

Pour emporter / Boîte à lunch

To go / Lunch box

A little gem of a coffee shop to discover, nestled between Mont Orford and Lake Orford. The Refuge offers you, in a warm atmosphere, a simple and friendly menu: specialty coffees, kombucha, Evive smoothies, homemade hot chocolate, chaï latte, etc. Hungry? We prepare sandwiches alone or with heartwarming bowl of soup, chili or gazpacho. Let yourself be tempted by the sweet treats of Pâtisserie Dorville! To eat in or take away, you can enjoy the view of our bucolic grounds!

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